Machine & Support

The Aqua Detox system consists of 3 parts. A control box, a Footbath and an array

New machines are supplied complete with two arrays, 30 client leaflets and a handbook with much supporting literature.


We provide an English & French speaking support service to enable you to develop your early understanding of the Aqua Detox treatment system. We are experienced in offering detox treatments and remain in touch with market changes around the world through Aqua Detox International. We also attempt to maintain

We also supply disposable ‘liners’ to save cleaning after each treatment.

These are biodegradable and have micro perforations for child safety.

in France, a stock of consumables, accessories and spares in order to keep the ‘down-time’ to a minimum if breakages should unfortunately occur. 3 fold leaflets in English or French are also available.

All your calls, received by whatever route email, letter, phone, fax or even SMS text are answered by sharing our experiences with you.

Absolute satisfaction for each client is our aim.