Origin and development of the AquaDetox®

The original detoxination system was developed in Australia around 2000 and was influenced by the researches of Dr Royal Rife and later by a pair of medics in the USA.

In about 1930 Dr Royal Rife had experimented with specific frequencies in order to treat specific organs and diseases with some demonstrable successes.

The originators of the current AquaDetox® principal investigated the work of Dr Rife’s frequencies, but developed the concept of utilising a slowly alternating galvanic current. utilising the iontophoresis principal to pass an electrical current through the body. The original work showed results that organs were encouraged to improve their function and status.
The first attempt was made in Australia and the idea was later experimented upon by a team of Doctors and a prototype was finally brought to Europe by an English doctor in 2000.
A European team of scientists and doctors commissioned elaborated scientific studies and were able to finally produce a biocompatible method of implementation that is now the current AquaDetox®

This system was made fit for production by an English engineer.

The Sale of the AquaDetox® system began in 2000, after having passed the European homologation tests and the European Medical Directives and CE marked.

The AquaDetox® is now commercialised in 72 countries around the world.

The AquaDetox® does not pretend to diagnose or cure any disease.

Beware of imitations – they do not carry our scientific validation.